Why would we want to grow up

We as teenagers only hope to grow up and get a car, get a boyfriend, buy whatever you want and drink whatever we want, because to us it’s like we get freedom from our parents and all those people who tell us not to do certain things that we want to. But when you have/did all those things, what are you going to do next, grow old and look after your children and pay bills. You see we only look at the bright side, which is good but all those things pay off, you got to work to get there and make money to look after your kids and pay bills. Now as a teen/kid you can do so much more without no worries, you can eat all the candy you want, have all the friends you want, do so much more with so much more potential. Do you think when you’re older you are going to have these fun birthday parties where all your best friends come and bring presents? No, because you’re too old and boring. So have them now while you’re still young and have the legs for it.


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