Do not involve friends into your high school relationship

Relationships are flowing throughout our high school years, not all are that healthy and personally we all need some advice, even if we think we have the most perfect relationship, and it’s meant to be.

In high school we get brainwashed into this idea of having a perfect relationship and being spoiled. But the worst thing that we can get involved with in our relationships, believe me or not, is our friends. If not understand what I mean by this, I’ll explain. Our friends sometimes start becoming part of our relationship, because they want some of it too (the attention). They could gossip and start negative things between you and your partner or involve jealousy ect… Even if it’s your best friend, do not let people get too involved in your relationship, it’s not theirs, it’s yours. If you let them, they’re going to become like Donald Trump and take over and try to make it better, but instead make it worst.

That’s my opnion of school relationships.


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