Open your soul and run free!

Fear has got a big meaning to it.

I’m afraid I won’t fit in.

I’m afraid I can’t do it.

I’m afraid they won’t like me.

I’m afraid I fail.

I’m afraid I’m not good enough…tumblr_inline_mixvpe2xHE1qz4rgp.jpg

It’s the only thing giving us a limit to our lives, when we say “I can’t do it”. We’re allowing ourselves to really think we can’t.

That feeling we get when we walk up on a stage in front of an audience, or that feeling we get when we think we don’t fit in because everyone else is so obsessed with they’re own little worlds. It has a million feeling that all lead to one thing.



When someone asks you,”What do you fear?”. You want to be able to step up on the closest chair with your chin up high and say,”I fear nothing!”

Because what does it care what others think, they’re not the ones who’s going to determine your future, and what does it matter if you’re not like them, do you want to be a minion, like everyone else.3860a879a2506c9193170ca98c026f4b.jpg

What does fear really do to you? It locks you inside the deepest darkest corners of life, but why live there when you have this whole big world out there for you. Just open your doors and run free!

Let go of your fears and live a wild and free life!

Thanks for reading

xxx   (struggleisreal)


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