Keep it flowing!

It’s a bad idea to write a blog while listening to pop music, because you keep wanting to sing along and move with the music, LOL…

But getting to the point of this whole blog I just want to get your positivity flowing again.106048-Positivity.jpg

Now this is a very important word for me, because it’s one of the things we need and see and use our whole lives through, and it’s the one thing that connects humans together and bring happiness around us.

It’s not always easy staying positive when people around you are pushing negativity into your face, or when you don’t feel good enough, or when you didn’t get what you want, so many reasons for negativity but why see the negative side to it when there is a much more positive side to it.


When you think you picked up weight because of last weekends girl night with your friends, because of all the ice cream you ate..Then forget about it because that piece of fat is a memory of a fun time you spend with your girls, and you shouldn’t want to get rid of it. ‘Shame on you!’ People only judge because who else do they judge, they can’t judge themselves apparently.


Don’t let the “Mean Girls” get you down because who’s the better person in the end. You don’t want to think back to you’re school days and remeber how they said you wrong or how you didn’t stand up to them. Always keep your crown on your head and they will lose theirs.

Positivity is the key to most problems.



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