Feeling of love.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all loved someone before, it’s nothing new to us. But have we truly loved before, like that love that you just know, “This is the one.” That person you can see the rest of your life with.


Love has so many meanings but so many people use it for the wrong reasons. I can’t say that I know everything of it but I do know things that I have to.

Love is not about how far you took it in the relationship or how intimate you are, or that you have matching branded clothes. It has so much more meaning to it. It can hurt so much if you hold on to something that you know isn’t going to last. But God has someone perfect for us planned.


All I know is that love is when he treats you like a princess and shows you you’re the only one for him and when he/she doesn’t let go no matter what. When your with him you feel save, and every time you spend with him\her no matter where you are, it means the world to you. When you look at him/her  you can say to yourself, “He’s\She’s the one.” And when you two balance eachother out, like when your weaknesses is his strenghts and his weaknesses are your strenghts. You just have to trust them with you’re whole life.


I do say that there’s for everyone out there someone waiting, we just have to be patient, find yourself first. Love is the most amazing adventure of you’re life and we all love in different ways. It’s what you make of it.




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