You’re Passion

Your passion is what makes you feel better about yourself, the one thing you enjoy doing and want to push yourself to do even better, it’s the one thing that challenges you to do better. It’s part of what makes your life worth living.31-Passion.jpg

If you have apassion for something, you have to push yourself to do better, to do diffirent. You have to challenge yourself and focus on the important thing, not on someone else’s passion. Everyone is different, we’re not all going to have the same passion.


People might not always support or believe in you but all you have to know is that God’s proud of you and he knows you’re doing the best you can.

It gets hard sometimes, and you feel like giving up because of all these obsticles in your way, but those are only a test to see if it’s really you’re passion, if you will really do you’re best even if there are going to be hard times.


We all have a passion, some just haven’t found it yet, a passion can be anthing that makes you’re life worth living



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