A life you dream of.

People still swim after tsunamis. People still fly kites after hurricanes. People still travel after storms. People still smile after heartbreaks.

And you still limit yourself to certain things in life because you’re too scared to do it. You’re scared of that adrenaline it will give you.


When you’re heart starts beating fast and sweat starts dripping down your face, and you start shaking, that’s when you know you should do it. It’s a great feeling if you

It’s a great feeling if you challenge yourself to do things that you know you wouldn’t do, because then you know you’re living your life the fullest.


You don’t need money to live your life the fullest, there is so much more you can do that doesn’t cost you a cent.

God gave us all a choice, to live a life we dream of, that we see all around us that gives us the chills, or a life where we create walls around us and set boundaries and create limits for ourselves.

A part of living life the best you can involves kindness and respect for others, you won’t get far in life if you don’t respect others and they’re way of living or if you’re not kind to other and bring positivity with you on your journey through life.


We think we are so busy in life that we don’t have the time for it… Does a weekend with your family going to the beach waste your time? Or hanging out with friends and doing crazy things mess up your schedule?

Life has much more waiting for us than we think, don’t let people stop you.





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