An event called “Life”

A message that got me like…c25d07e8a9825d991a21a4e0508c13b0_-happy-crying-face-memes-meme-crying-face_1024-640.jpeg

I found something that really made me think, so I thought I would blog about it today. Read the following to follow up with what I’m talking about today.


Now this message inspired me in so many different ways and has so much meaning to it.

Our whole life we try so hard to impress humanity (our friends, family, loved ones, teachers, boss, etc), trying to make them proud and please them.We change ourselves to impress people and then life inside us dies because we’re not the people who we were before, before we tried to impress the creation instead of the

I’m not saying it’s wrong to impress, but don’t change you’re meaning to life or yourself to impress those who will forget.

We care more about what a single human cares about us who is not going to remember you for what you’d do after you die but only your body over our creator, the one who created you, life, all of this around you, even you’re meaning to life.Child-holding-fathers-fin-001.jpg

Don’t waste your life like that, life isn’t “America’s Got Talent”, life is a journey you only get to have ones and we have to live it by being the better version of who Christ wanted to see in us not who he was afraid we’d become.

Christ is the one to impress.




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