Outeniqua hike.

For every up there’s a down and for every down there’s an up.

We were 14 teenage hikers, our teacher Mr.Smith and a parent, all from Melkbosstrand Private School(MPS) on our way to Knysna to go on a 3 day hiking trip in the Outeniqua mountains.

We had long hours of driving with only eachother and music to keep us entertained, but we certainly didn’t know what we were up for, well most of us.

Most of us survived out of “2minute noodles” and “easy oats” or pasta, and sometimes with no reception, no warm water or no electricity.

We all worked together as a unit and motivated eachother through singing or making jokes and even making weird bird noises.

We walked (day 1, 18.5km), (day 2, 17km), (day 3, 15km) about 50km, climbing up steep hills and down steep hills. As Bear Grylls says, “through blood, sweat and tears”, but more like “blisters, sweat and sore muscles”.

As some had some bad experiences with big spiders and chameleons and we had a los of a gopro in the mountain river, and I got 8 blisters and stept into a 3cm thorn, as well as having to carry heavy bags that didn’t get any lighter, we all came out fitter and stronger in the end.

No pictures, words or poetry can describe how beautiful these forests are, it’s like in the movie ‘Jurrasic park’ but even better, it shows you that there’s so much more to the world than just politic and big buildings.

We went to swim in the cold mountain river, it felt like taking an ice bath, but it was really refreshing and fun for everyone as some jumped of cliffs(savety first) and went exploring.

There were so many trees, some of which were over 100-1000 years old. And there were elephant trails and stomps in the path where the elephant walked.

So it all came to an end and we had to leave this beautiful place which was created by the one and only creator of all “God”, I definitely miss the quietness, this is definitely one of my best experiences yet and I definatly made alot of new friends. Our school should do it every year and a big thanks to everyone who worked together as a team.

“Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time.”


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