Wanting more and being less.

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Many things in life we don’t appreciate for the worth of it, we are all humans and we’re all the same but we treat eachother so differently. Travelling will also make you realise hom much there is to the world and that we have so much to be thankfull for.

The things you take for granted, someone else is praying for. -Nate st Pierre

There’s always time to thank and love all the things you have like you’re pets, and friends and loved ones, and spend all the time you have with them, because they all played a role in life to where you are now. Even though the future holds so many blessings and lessons and things to discover, the present is the pasts future (if you know what i mean?).


As soon as you take something or someone for granted it’ll be taken from you and then you’ll realise how empty you really are without it. Never take what you’re parents do for you for granted because death will make you regret all those things and you don’t want it to end like that do you?

All we want is more money, more attention, more acceptance, more friends, etc. We should rather want to help more, love more, give more, and notice more and find inspiration around you.


Help others around you and notice your surroundings. Live in the present because the past will give you tears and the future will give you fears. Your life has so much more worth than you think it has, because as soon as all those things disappear you’ll regret not taking it for the worth it has. Wanting more in life means you’re less of a grateful human.

You never know whats something worth until you lose it.





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