The struggle is real ya’ll

Yip it’s real. Finding you’re other pair of socks, eating sushi with chopstix, having no toiletpaper in the bathroom, having no wifi, not cheating on you’re diet, I mean can the struggle get any more real?

Where on earth doesn’t that line(The struggle is real) spell out your life for you. We use that line so much in our life and it’s true, it’s real, but so is God. My struggle at the moment is probably blogging on my phone because my laptop is broken and thinking about school.

I’m not here to say it won’t happen again or trying to fix things, I’m just here to spell it out for you that this is part of life, it’s a daily thing and there’s nowhere on earth you won’t find it. 

My blog is called “struggleisreal” because it’s what we face in our daily lives and I’m here to tell ya’ll that it would always be real and you just got to live with it like your living with yourself, you just have to, there’s no sulotion but to smile and laugh like it was a joke, rather than to complain like your whole life is falling apart.


Oh I love it! The struggle, it makes the perfect to imperfect. It’s every flaw in life.




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