Where to find motivation

Do you feel like you need a bit motivation? Or a bit inspiration?… Maybe go talk to someone or find an motivational video or blog on the internet, find some quotes that may inspire you… Does it really help? Maybe for an hour or so, but thats it. You forget everything you heard or read so what does it help you search for it actually.

Well this is my way of telling you to stop searching for it, you have it in you, you just need to search for the thing to help you find your motivation. Well what do I mean by that and how do I do it?


Ask yourself why do you do what you do. Why do you learn? Why do you exercise? Why do you eat or drink? Why do you do what you do? Well to become the better you, but you learn to know more, you exercise to to love your body, to stay fit and healthy, you eat and drink to live, stay healthy. Now there you go, there’s your motivation. Why you do it.


When I run I ask myself,”Can I still breath? Can I still put my one foot inferno of the other?”. Motivation is everywhere  you go because it’s in you.



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