Get rid of you’re regrets

Do you wish life had a rewind button?

I do, I guess to fix all my regrets, like hanging out with the wrong people, saying the wrong stuff, letting go of good friends and eating that piece of cake for no reason. I could go on with a whole list of things but I don’t think you really care. So you get the point, we all have regrets, or maybe some of us see it as a lesson and that’s what we all should do, rather see it as a lesson which made you who you are today or who you’ll be in the future.


I made Mistakes which I deeply regret, and I still make them, but regretting about the past does not change the past at all, it will only influence the future, so rather focus future.

The only regret you should have is the things you didn’t do rather than the things you regret doing, because having to say “If only” must be one of the saddest two words to say. I don’t want to look back and think that I could’ve eaten that piece of cake or maybe just enjoyed that pizza with my friends rather than eating my salad. One day you’re going to take you’re last breath and it’s not going to matter if you ate that piece of cake, it’s not going to matter if you were poor or if you had a few friends etc, All that’s going to matter is what you changed in other people’s lives and in the world, the person you were to other people.


Do not say something that you know you’re going to regret later





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