Be the answer to someones prayer

Someday you’re going to need someone to stand up for you and be there for you when life gets rough, someone who will stand beside you when you feel worthless, someone who will share they’re happiness with you. Don’t think you can just expect it from them, you have to help them in order for them to help you.

But I don’t really know them, or I don’t really share the same interests as them… Who cares? When someone needs a shoulder to cry on, are you going to leave them to cry by themselves on they’re knees? If you see someone who needs to be prayed for, are you going to leave them praying by themselves each day and night? Are you going to be that person who could’ve saved someones life, but instead chose to keep all the happiness to yourself?


You could change someones life just by talking to them or offering you’re friendship, or just helping them. I mean some people might look up to you and want to be like you one day, you might be the reason why they are who they are, so don’t set the wrong example. I’ve looked up to my older sister since I was born, and if it wasn’t for her, I might have not be the person I am today.

Love others as you love yourself. Spread love and kindness all around you like it’s confetti, even to those who you do not know or doesn’t show kindness back. Make people jealous of you’re love and kindness. Be the icing on someones cupcake, the hot chocolate to a rainy day, the laughter to they’re smile.



You could save millions of lives with you’re kindness and love, just care for everyone around you and they will care for you. Don’t keep you’re happiness all to yourself.

This message was from the heart.




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