The thought of perfect worries me… When was perfect ever in fashion? Perfect body, perfect face, with the perfect personality, oh no no no I love the sound of flawed skin, messy hair, funny nose, curved body and beautiful personality and open mind.


I know a lot of people including me who tries so hard to be perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but whats you’re life going to be like when you’re all perfect with no flaws and everything in life is just so easy because everyone loves you, you have top marks in school, and you never get embarrassed, sounds great doesn’t it? Who’s going to fall in love with you’re morning looks, who’s going to motivate you when you’re down, who’s going to love you for the person you really are and what are we going to learn our mistakes from when your all perfect?


I find the most flawed people are the most beautiful and amazing people in life, people with different minds, different goals, different flaws. You could be the most amazing person in someones life and still be so imperfect. An imperfect piece of art work makes the most perfect piece of art and the most imperfect people makes the most perfect generation. Don’t expect anyone to be perfect, so don’t judge them because they differ from you.

I’m sorry to say it but you will never reach perfection, no matter how hard you try. Yes we may dream of the perfect soulmate, the perfect love life like in the movies, the perfect kiss, etc… Confidence and character is what were supposed to be aming for rather than perfection, because it’s not attainable. There’s no charactar in perfection.






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