Where do I begin?



There are going to be good and bad people, some are going to be the best thing that ever happened to you, and some are going to be the worst. There are going to be the ones who stay by your side your whole entire life, and there are going to be the ones who leave you halfway, but only because they’re time in you’re life is over, they did what they had to.

Don’t let them fool you, realize how much of an influence one wrong word out of one wrong person can do to you in one second, do you realize what it’s capable of doing to you’re life, thats why we have a choice, a choice to follow either those who want to light up your candle and those who wants to kill it. No one is telling you what you should do, you have you’re own choice.


Oh how I love people, the things they’ve taught me without knowing and the things I learned from them. There are so many amazing people in this world and so many who can change you’re life, there’s people who you’ll look you to, people who will inspire you and people who will motivate you through life.

Don’t judge one person by the appearance of another, we are all different , you just gotta get out there and meet new people. “You cannot control people but you can control your reactions towards them” Don’t let a bad behavior of someone change who you are.


Sometimes people in your family or friendship group is different than you, dresses different, talks different, says things you might think the opposite of, but does that make them a bad person? Does that mean you should treat them differently than everyone else? NO.

You don’t need a reason to be kind to people.



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