Generation of social media

“I am sick and in bed doing nothing, so why not write a blog?”, I ask myself, the only excuse I have is that I have no ideas of what to write. So I scroll through my Instagram with the hope that I might come to a conclusion of what to write about, maybe be inspired by something or so… Then I got it. What are we as humans most attached to other than our loved ones?
Social media.


We are obsessed, obsessed with checking our phones every minute or so, obsessed with how many likes or followers we have on Instagram, obsessed with how often we post, obsessed with how many friends we have on facebook or twitter, obsessed with needing to know about other people’s lives or what the new trends are, we are so obsessed with social media that we forget about life out there because we see it all on social media.

It’s growing into our brains like roots and becoming a part of us. We compare ourselves to every single person out there that we see that makes us think so less of ourselves. Apparently wearing branded clothes, which is only a peace of material like every other clothing piece but only with a name of ‘someone’ on it who is no different from any other person on this planet, makes us look richer or cooler or more important.

The hashtag has become a way to describe our mood, feelings, LIFE.

Try not looking at you’re phone for one whole day, ignoring all the beeps that come up, that might be a message or a Facebook request, or a Instagram like or follow. Nowadays we get pleased by the company of our friends or family because the first thing we do if we spend fun time with them is take pictures and get pleased by the likes and comments we get on them, I mean it’s fun to see what others are doing and what they think of you, but why revolve life around one picture. Social media interfere’s with love life’s which leads to cheating and jealousy. Social media interfere’s with our personal thoughts and can lead to suicide. Social media is a trap for children and teenagers where predators come to, because they know it’s the easiest place to trick innocent children.


It tells us everything and anything we need and want to know, maybe too much, it can all be lies, tricks to make us believe, it’s like an illusion. Social media is most probably going to rule our future. It’s a distraction which will create generations of idiots. Kids get distracted from studying and fail, they’re brains get clogged up with all these apps and games that they struggle to focus on work, and adults spend they’re time on Facebook. Teenagers get paid for vlogging about they’re life.

So I’m asking you to do more things that distract you from looking at you’re phone, and to find motivation to what really life is all about.



5 Replies to “Generation of social media”

  1. This is really good.I love this topic and i believe everything you wrote in here is the trith.Keep it up.And never let anyone say say negative things about your words.


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