Away we go!

Don’t you feel it?


That longing, that craving, that needing of getting away and just going somewhere else away from home, taking a step back from all this exhaustion and worries. Don’t you crave the long car rides with your favourite people to your favourite places or maybe discovering new places even, with the 80’s music playing loud and the smell of fresh ocean air? Don’t you crave the 12am pit stops for coffee and the sunsets on the beach with blankets wrapped around you with a bonfire and looking at the stars on the rooftop of an old van whispering all your biggest secrets and dreams with the people you love, making up all these lists of what you’re going to do next, not caring how you’re ever going to repay all this money you’ve spent or thinking if you might even have enough. Don’t you just crave it?


“Where do we go next?” I don’t know, let’s just go, me and you to places we’ve never been, places that bring back memories, childhood memories, places that we can tick off our bucket list, let’s go anywhere, let’s just go.

You don’t have time for excuses, life is short. Go and create memories of a lifetime that you’re always going to want to look back to. Get someone to travel with you, to go on road trips with you, if you don’t have a passport, get one! Travelling will make you see everything so differently, your country, your food, your people. I beg you to start now, start now planning your journey because life is just so damn short and I don’t want you wasting it thinking back to when you were a child and the only dreams you had was to one day travel the world with your best friend, and now you’re sitting here and that wish never came true.


“To move, to breathe, to fly, to float, To gain all while you give, To roam the roads of lands remote; To travel is to live” -Hans Christian

I’m on my way to making my dreams come true and I never want to be the one that never took my chance in making them come true, I have the urge to travel and explore the world and you should too. Get a map and see where life takes you, take millions of photos, collect post cards and go forth. This is my wish for you, for us. This is your journey to so called ‘Living’.

‘Bon Voyage’ to you!




3 Replies to “Away we go!”

  1. This is really getting better and better.Honestly!Amazing work.I now wanna go away with my best friend.Seriously your work is stunning.Keep it up and never drop the dream .Your potential is high and i love it!


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