Never lose hope.

I ain’t getting anywhere…

I’m not achieving my goals…

I can’t do this…

This didn’t go as I hoped it would…

Maybe I just wasn’t meant for this…

I give up…


Last night laying in bed I kept thinking all these things of why is life so easy for some people and so hard for me, why don’t I get much traffic to my blogs, why can’t I get my grades up even though I’m studying hard, and why life is just getting harder for me and the harder it gets the more I want to tell myself ‘I can’t do better, this is just who I am’. But then it hit me…

What is the thing still keeping me going? HOPE

I could’ve given up blogging a long time ago, I could’ve just stopped studying thinking I would never get any better, I could’ve just accepted that I’m a failure. But I’m not, and neither is anyone out there. The Lord knows what his plans are for you, plans to give you hope and a future, but it’s not all going to be a rollercoaster ride getting there, it’s going to be a mountain you have to conquer by yourself. Life can get tough sometimes but just remember that you’re not the only one, you might take longer to achieve what you want but who said it was a race?


I’m sure you’ve heard the quote, ‘After every storm, there’s a rainbow’, and you’re storm just doesn’t go by and you know there will be a rainbow at the end but when? Why do I have to wait for the storm to go by before the good part comes? Well, your storm won’t go by if you keep thinking of the future, you got to live in the moment, make the moment count for the future to count.

When you’ve got doubt in you, just tell yourself, I’ve got hope, hope and trust in him and that’s all I need’. Just acknowledge all the challenges, embrace it, lives not always going to be bunnies and cupcakes.


You got this, just never lose hope.









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