Your expectations vs reality

It’s just reality, a reality that does not agree with our expectations.


Yes, it’s true, we never get it our way, if we like it or not, reality can be a pain. You know that phrase you use when something goes totally different from what you expected,“It’s just reality”, that comes along with the expression of ‘You can’t do anything about it’, yeah I think we all know that phrase. In your head you’re like, ‘but this can’t be, can it? I’m sure this is just the bump in the road that everyone always talks about, I mean things will be better tomorrow won’t it? Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be (unsure expression)’.

Have you seen the internet? It’s been overtaken by our expectations vs reality, it’s everywhere, on youtube, on social media, on the internet, and all of them have different expectations vs reality topics like; workout, relationships, beauty, food etc.


Success plays a big role in our expectations vs our reality, we expect to find success easy and fast, when in reality success comes from hard work, ups and downs, struggles, etc. Success takes time and we shouldn’t let our expectations get in the way of it. The biggest expectation for teens nowadays are probably our relationships with our friends or our soulmates, we expect it all to be perfect like it shows on social media and when reality hits we don’t agree with our relationships and we change ourselves to fit in with our expectations of so-called goals relationships.

Reality may seem harder than our expectations but it doesn’t make it impossible, reality is just a state of things that actually exist, and sometimes we refuse to face reality because it’s so much different from our expectations, you just have to look reality in the eye and say,“I got this”.



This is a short blog but please leave a comment on what you thought and a like would be appreciated.


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