Damn cravings

I’m talking about food cravings here because there’s no other worse craving than food.

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now and I finally started it with the motivation to get it done before all my ideas disappear again. I find my inspiration of what to write in my daily routine, and I realised the one thing I get every day is a craving and I think we all do. It could be a new craving each day, the same one every day, or the weirdest craving ever, even something you’ve never had before.

photo-1447195047884-0f014b0d9288.jpegCravings, we can’t control them, they take over our minds, and that’s the problem, that’s when our bodies don’t stop us from eating the things we desire, it forces us to, but then you get people that can put they’re mindset on something else and get rid of those cravings. But how?

  • Don’t go to the supermarket hungry!
  • Drink water
  • Keep yourself busy with things that will avoid you from thinking about it
  • Eat protein
  • Think about the long-term, negative consequences of those cravings

There’s more but I’m sure these do help the most.

Sometimes you even get the weirdest cravings on the most unnecessary times. When I get back home from school I get cravings for everything that isn’t good for me, like chocolates, cake, pizza, french fries, everything that I shouldn’t eat. We crave all kinds of different things, I’ve heard that the cravings seriously start to kick in when you’re pregnant.


If you’re on a diet you probably plan out everything, but then you get people who are also trying to eat healthier or lose weight that can’t even look at fastfood and say no to it, it’s all just in your mindset.When I get hungry I can’t help but think the milk chocolate melting in my mouth or the ice cream on a hot Saturday and when someone’s eating something right in front of me that I dearly crave, I can’t help myself.

We get it, cravings can interfere with our diet and it can ruin our bodies but it’s all in our mindset… All in our mindset.


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