Back in Namibia

Again I find myself back in Namibia for the July holiday, but this time with my boyfriend(Louw) and his family on a game farm ‘Graswater’ in Karasburg for a week. A few unpleasant incidents happened in this week yet I had a lot of fun.


Before we arrived at the farm which was about a 10-hour drive from Durbanville with his mum(Lezighe), dad(Anton) and little brother(Liam), as well as Emma who helped them around, I got to meet his uncle (Frikkie) and 2 cousins (Kristie and Justine). The guys couldn’t wait to go hunting and ‘Uncle Gadget Frikkie’ already had his crip notes out.

We arrived after a long drive and I greeted his grandmother(Rita), his grandfather(Gerhard) and the rest of the people who helped around on the farm and in the house. As we all settled in with a coffee and tea, Louw decided to go take me for a spin in the small Jeep.

OMW… I couldn’t believe how big the farm was, it felt like we were driving back home, I thought I was going to get lost there. That being said, I did see a few bucks and giraffes, for a moment I thought to myself, “Here I am back in Namibia after a year on a game farm with my boyfriend, not in bed at home watching youtube, can this get any better?”


The next day all the men went hunting early in the morning when I still struggled to get out of bed, and us girls were on our way to another farm which was Louw’s uncle(Alli) and aunt(Antonette) and their daughter and son’s farm. They bred horses so they allowed us to ride the horses, I was unsure of getting on the horse but nothing stopped me so I went and we rode and galloped down a road and ate breakfast and went back to our farm house where we found all the Springbucks they shot, but that wasn’t enough for them as they went again to go hunt.


The sunsets were breathtaking as we(me & Louw) rode on the quad bike, he also taught me how to drive it as I was so tempted to go faster but knew I would make him mad and take a risk of putting us in danger if I went faster. It was dark and the sky was full of bright stars and it was a full moon, something rare and beautiful.

The next day we had an incident with a dog attack, Louw’s cousin Kristie was bitten in the face by a ‘Boerbull’ dog, it was a big shock as we needed to get her to the hospital, so the best plan was to take her to the nearest airport in Namibia and fly her with a jet over to South-Africa to the closest hospital that can help her and give her stitches. So off they went, uncle Frikkie and his 2 daughters back to Cape Town with the hope they could get help fast, and Louw was left on his own to hunt as his hunting partner had to take care of his daughter.


As a good, supportive girlfriend I decided to tag along when they went hunting, I mean I am an animal lover but it wasn’t that bad after all as I enjoyed seeing what his passion is and how good he is at it, as well as seeing few wild animals. I was freezing as we sat on the back of the car looking out for bucks, I couldn’t move, then understood why they told me to pack in a lot of warm clothes.

Drinking tea with rusks while talking to Louw was one thing that got my morning started.

A lot of us couldn’t wait till it was dinner time to eat, we were starving and who didn’t love the food his grandmother prepared for us. After a while, I felt a bit sick and sad and started missing home, even though I didn’t want to leave the place,  I just needed a moment to myself before I melted out in front of everyone, and that’s exactly what happened.

Hunting was the one thing that kept them busy, uncle Frikkie came back to finish what he started and join his hunting partner Louw. Louw took me and his mum and little brother to go see the sheep, as he chased them all around to get ahold of one, after a few minutes of watching him and his little brother chasing them around and laughing till my stomach cramped they finally got a baby one, but damn that was one fat baby sheep.


Woke up with an unusual morning with giraffes just outside our window eating off the tall trees in the garden.

Most of us were upset when we heard we were going home the next day and that we had to pack, so we went for our last night of hunting, went late to bed and woke up early to get ready to go home. Saying goodbye was kind of sad because I didn’t like the thought of maybe not coming back here, but I didn’t get my hopes up.

I miss it already and had a great holiday in Namibia and i made the greatest friends with Kristie and Justine.






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