Why not? What would happen if…?

Why not? What If..?

Why not cut my hair shorter? What would happen if I cut it shorter? Would I be able to put it in a pony or in a braid? Would it fit me?

So many questions with so many possibilities and it all has an outcome, negative or positive.  Some we don’t know until we do it, it’s all the question vs the possibility. We can’t always just accept why it can’t be done, first ask why it can’t be done and look at all the negative and positive possibilities.

why not.jpg

What if it gets me into trouble? What if it turns out wrong? What if I lose everything? What if..? Well, what if it turns out better than you could imagine? What if it’s your new turning point? What if all you ever wanted is in your hands now and you have to make the decision to do it or not?


I never used to wear my hair loose because it didn’t look good, it looked really bushy, and when my mom took me for a haircut a few days ago, they cut my hair in layers and I didn’t like it because I couldn’t braid my hair anymore and it looked weird in a pony, I was disappointed but then I realized how good it looks when loose, I love wearing my hair loose and I started living with the fact that I couldn’t braid my hair anymore. Without cutting my hair I wouldn’t have known what the outcome of it would be.

We will never know until we try, why not take the chance? There’s always a way to make the situation a good one,  there will be consequences, so what! Just replace the ‘what if?’ with ‘why not?’.

“When you ask “why”, “what if” and “why not” you force yourself to explore what’s possible and not just what is.” -Josh Linkner


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