Bonnievale, Breede Escape

South-Africa, Western Cape, Bonnievale, Breede escape.

A breakaway from your hometown for a relaxing weekend to take in the essence of mother earth and the smell of the braai!

If the luxury life isn’t your piece of cake since prices are overrated, and you enjoy chatting away with friends and family or enjoy the adventure of kayaking down the  Breede river, going for walks along the farm while the cows graze on the grass or volley ball with friends, this is the place for you.


I was searching for a weekend away with some of my friends and family for my birthday. I spent most of my evenings searching for places that looked like it could keep a group of teenagers busy as well as elder people, normally our first question is, “what are the costs?” Well, Breede escape instantly caught my eye, it was a good price for everything we could do there compared to all the other places I found. It has a lap, chalets with its own toilet and braai spots etc…

As the days got closer I started getting butterflies of the excitement, like seeing my crush for the first time in years. No South-African goes away for the weekend and doesn’t braai, the braai is in our blood and so is sitting around the fire with your closest friends entertaining and amusing each other with long conversations about not wanting to go back to school and wanting to stay one more day longer.


In the evening we ventured down the Breede river with our kayaks, taking in the reality and the beauty of nature in, quietly we listen to birds chirping in their nests in the trees which hang over the river. We played few games on the volleyball court while my parents were fishing with they’re friends and going for walks along the farm road.


My main points about Breede Escape, River Camp was:

  • The quietness and privacy you have
  • The cosy and comfortable feel of the environment
  • The sight(view)
  • The activities(kayaking, volleyball, walks)
  • Clean chalets and Lapa
  • Animal-friendly(if animals are friendly)


For more information about this place: Click Here

Go check out they’re facebook page for more info, images and reviews: Click Here



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