An act of Kindness

Is it that hard?

To be kind to one another?

I don’t like mean people, I really don’t! I mean who does?27-kindness.png

Kindness has such a big good impact on people and it leads us to all wonderful, sensational and beautiful things in life like laughter, love, hope, trust ect… It’s the key to a happy life.

Kindness is part of fashion, it’s always been in style, it’s your attitude and smile. You can never go wrong with being kind to people, even if it’s a small act of kindness that’s done with great love.


Kindness is an act of love for the people around you when you receive a warm, pleasant and gratifying smile or compliment from someone it makes their whole day better.

Do not always expect something in return from everyone else, kindness is supposed to come from the heart even though you don’t know them that well.


When I got to my new school to see if I wanted to go there, I didn’t have any friends, but the first day I came there I felt welcome because of all the friendly and welcoming people. And that was all they needed to do to get me there, so now I’m going to that school.

You don’t always have to have many friends to hang out with, you just need friends that are kind and who you can trust and who are true to you.


Thank you to all my readers.



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