Misjudging is a form of opinion or conclusion about something or someone.

We misjudge so many people in so many ways, because we only see the things on the surface, we don’t take the time to learn about them before we judge.

Maybe your misjudging people or your being misjudged by people. It hurts being misjudged, we should just always remain ourselves and know we truly are. And the true people will always stay by you even when they see your different side and insecurities.

Maybe your misjudging people, it’s a normal human thing to do and people always forgive and forget but it’s still your responsibility to fix what you did and learn to explore people more before judging them too quickly.

” I’ve never fooled anyone. I’ve never let people fool themselves. They didn’t bother to find out who and what I was. Instead the would invent a character for me. I wouldn’t argue with me. They were obviously loving somebody I wasn’t.” – Marilyn Monroe



Opening up to life

We all find happiness in different places, in nature in friends in books in hobbies or in loved ones, etc.

We discover these things but then we depend all our happiness on those things, we expect for that one thing to make as happy all the time. We leave it to those thing or people to provide happiness for us.

But depending all your happiness on one thing or person will not make you happy forever, people won’t always be there, or always be the same and things won’t always interest you or excite you as much. Giving yourself over to life and exploring things, making friends, finding new interests everyday, being open to life and sharing it with people will always give you joy.

Well even if you enjoy reading a book all the time, you can always read it on the way to your next destination.

Happiness is giving yourself a chance to explore yourself and open up.


Beautiful moments to cherish

We get the beautiful moments in our lives, these little moments which we cherish, these moments that bring us happiness, comfort, love and hope. It’s not a moment which you can really name or give it a category, it’s just a moment in your life that just gives you that sigh of happiness and relief.

When a baby is born, when someone close to you got married, when someone achieved something they worked hard for, when someone falls in love, when someone accomplished something. All these little things that are moments worth every breath and every step we take in life.

If you don’t feel like you deserve these moments or you’ll never get these moments, your moment then just hasn’t come yet, but it will, don’t rush it. Help others make these moments happen and celebrate it with them, then you’ll always be part of someone elses moment and nothings more special than someone being by your side when things like this happen, it’s memories made.

Life gives us these moments, now make it worth the wait because it only come ones or twice or even more in your life but definetly doesn’t come every day.

I know I haven’t written a blog in a long time, I just felt like I needed a bit of a brake.

Tips on loving yourself to the best you can!

Your self-esteem, self-love, confidence, everything that has to do with you comes down to how and how much you love yourself. Struggling with this is totally normal, we all do!

Now let’s get rid of all those insecurities and worries and let’s love us with these following tips on how to improve self-esteem, self-love, and confidence and be the better you.

1.Tel yourself “I’m the SHIZZZ!”

Your life runs on you, you control it, now own it! No burden can stand in your path of life because you’re the shizzz. You should stand taller than anyone that wants to make you feel worthless before they do. Just tell yourself f*ck it(sorry mom), they ain’t getting me down because I’m the shizzz(cool, beautiful, extraordinary, awesome).


2. Take a 30-day challenge

Taking a 30-day challenge is an affective way to build your self-esteem, it will allow you to accomplish something and feel like you did something good for yourself. challenges like:

  • drawing challenge
  • self-esteem challenge
  • cooking challenge
  • squat challenge
  • compliment challenge etc


3. Compliment yourself every morning

When getting ready, tell yourself things you love about yourself, or things that would make you feel good and confident, tell yourself how beautiful you are and how sexy you look n that outfit.

Some days we don’t feel like we like anything about ourselves and that’s just when we have to go to a mirror and say,” Oh your hair looks nice today, ooh look at those thighs, I look sexy today!”, “I look gorgeous today!”. And then one day you’ll instantly notice something you love about yourself, even if it’s dumb.


4. Stop comparing yourself to others

We compare the worst of ourselves to the best of others, and we’re all so different and unique that there’s going to be so much to compare and it’s all going to turn out so differently but it’s never going to be fair so we should just stop comparing.

Appreciate what you have now and stop comparing yourself because nobody is perfect if you ever need to compare, compare with yourself.


5.  Just live

Stop waiting for the approval of others, you don’t need permission from others to do what you want. Your time is precious. Get rid of your wish to be perfect, perfect doesn’t exist, just live for who you are and be you in a world where no one’s comments or approval matters. This is your journey and you only get one.

Every day is a new start,  don’t forget that you have a fresh start now. Just live in every moment and let each moment be a lesson for you.


x (struggleisreal)

I believe he’s the one.

We might still be in high school and people might tell us that it never lasts, that it’s just young love that comes and goes, and that all these butterflies will eventually fly away, and who knows?

But as I look at him, there is not a single bone in my body that’s telling me this isn’t right for me, even though the butterflies do fly away eventually, it will only make this love stronger.

I’m still figuring out who I am and I’m happy to have him with me on this journey because he’s the only one building me into a better person, kinder, caring, a lady that I ought to be and a child of God. He makes me comfortable, where I no longer have to giggle but I can burst out in my worst of laughs, I no longer have to wait for him to kiss me but I can kiss him fiercely, I no longer have to be ashamed of my body but embrace it confidently.

He’s my best friend and makes me forget about all of my mistakes and flaws, and reminds me of my beauty and all the things I’m worth living for. He’s the reason that I still believe in myself, he’s the reason I sob in tears some nights when my fears of losing him start haunting me.

He told me not to live like tomorrows another day because who knows what can happen, but rather to live each day like there’s no tomorrow. He makes cloudy days sunny, longer days shorter, bad days better, he makes life 110 times better. He’s always been there when I needed someone to talk to or hold.

He is man made by God in such detail which I can’t explain, his face and body carved out of the finest gold, his heart handmade by God, his love is pure and in him I can trust with my whole heart, he makes me feel like a woman, a lady, a princess living a life of royalty and pure richness of his love.

When he holds me, no enemy and no burden can stand in my way, he is my place of safety.

I love him more than words can explain.


“She is worth far more than rubies”-Proverb 31;10

We sometimes get those days where we never feel good enough, we never feel appreciated, noticed or loved and we’re not sure whats going on in our lives at the moment. We then ought to be like others who stand out in the world, we then change ourselves trying to get noticed by others.

Now remember who made you and brought you into this world, he didn’t bring you here wanting you to be the same as everybody else, he made you, you and if you think about it, many people have felt the same way and then again we get days where we love ourselves and stand -out and where we feel like the kings of our own worlds.

“She is worth far more than rubies”-Proverbs 31:10


You are worth more than every mineral, organ, and word in this universe and far more precious than jewels, we all get days where we feel like we’re worth a penny but you are a creation of God and as long as you know that, nothing stands in your way.