Damn cravings

I’m talking about food cravings here because there’s no other worse craving than food. I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while now and I finally started it with the motivation to get it done before all my ideas disappear again. I find my inspiration of what to write in my daily routine, […]

Your expectations vs reality

It’s just reality, a reality that does not agree with our expectations.


Yes, it’s true, we never get it our way, if we like it or not, reality can be a pain. You know that phrase you use when something goes totally different from what you expected,“It’s just reality”, that comes along with the expression of ‘You can’t do anything about it’, yeah I think we all know that phrase. In your head you’re like, ‘but this can’t be, can it? I’m sure this is just the bump in the road that everyone always talks about, I mean things will be better tomorrow won’t it? Yeah, I’m sure it’ll be (unsure expression)’.

Have you seen the internet? It’s been overtaken by our expectations vs reality, it’s everywhere, on youtube, on social media, on the internet, and all of them have different expectations vs reality topics like; workout, relationships, beauty, food etc.


Success plays a big role in our expectations vs our reality, we expect to find success easy and fast, when in reality success comes from hard work, ups and downs, struggles, etc. Success takes time and we shouldn’t let our expectations get in the way of it. The biggest expectation for teens nowadays are probably our relationships with our friends or our soulmates, we expect it all to be perfect like it shows on social media and when reality hits we don’t agree with our relationships and we change ourselves to fit in with our expectations of so-called goals relationships.

Reality may seem harder than our expectations but it doesn’t make it impossible, reality is just a state of things that actually exist, and sometimes we refuse to face reality because it’s so much different from our expectations, you just have to look reality in the eye and say,“I got this”.



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Where to find your happiness

How can I, a 14-year-old tell you how to be happy? What do I know of happiness and how can I make a difference? Well, you’ve probably read it all on how to be happy and what makes you happy, but no one ever talks about where to find your happiness, because we are all different, we don’t all like reading or going to the beach and making friends, exercising or going to parties. Your happiness depends on who you are.

I mean I don’t like having a lot of people around me all the time, I like my alone time a lot and that’s what makes me happy, when I go to the beach for a walk it makes me happy, when I spend time with my mom and dad it makes me happy, being nice to my teachers and friends at school makes me happy, making a cup of tea and writing a new blog makes me happy, and started making a list of all the things that makes me happy. The next time you’re happy just take that moment in and tell yourself, “This is what makes me happy.”


Let go of all the things that lower you down, the things that all your happiness into the nonexistent and impossible. Your happiness does not depend on what society says, or what you see on social media, it depends on what makes you feel worth living. Some find happiness in people, in places or in things, happiness is everywhere, we just mustn’t doubt it.


I wrote a letter to my younger self a few days ago when I felt sad and unhappy, and I gave myself advice on how to be a better person and what I need to improve, how to be better and all that, and then I read through it again and it made me realize a lot more about myself than I thought, I actually felt like all the advice that I gave to my younger self I took in at that moment and wanted to make it happen now, it was like I just got the advice of myself I always needed to hear.

We aren’t all going to be happy every day for the rest of our lives, it’s part of growing and learning, and I think we all know that but what I’m trying to tell you is that sadness can take up a lot of unnecessary time, you just got to let your smile shine right through it, it is also okay to feel sad sometimes, we all do and I don’t blame you but you are strong and tomorrow it will all be better, and if not, just give it time don’t rush your emotions. Go see my blog An act of kindness.


  • Make a list of 10-20 things that makes you happy and then try and tell yourself the next time you feel upset that there is no way to be happy.
  • Write a letter to your younger self, and take all that advice in.

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A typical Sunday morning​

This is a typical sunday morning for a woman or a guy too.

You probably know those typical Sunday mornings when you know you have work or school the next day and you just don’t feel like getting up thinking about it, so you lay there until finally, you decide to get up, get dressed and make a cup of coffee ready to go get the groceries for this week, and so you get in the car ready with your coffee mug and you’re feeling the energy kick in for the day so you put on the radio… “Not again!” They play the typical Sunday music you play at a funeral, those songs that repeat themselves over and over again (sigh emoji).


You get to the grocery store but it’s empty and you start to think maybe there was a zombie apocalypse, but you get to the realisation that everybody’s at church so you know you have to be quick because as soon as all the elder people come out of church and they see you, they will stare at you like you just committed a crime because you didn’t go to church, so you grab your groceries and a donut, pay and leave, as soon as you get home you jump into sweat pants and socks and a comfortable shirt with no bra, like a typical  Sunday morning.

You’re second cup of coffee coming up and you imagine the perfect Instagram picture for you’re winter theme, so you take as many pics of you holding your coffee mug from every angle, and you post the perfect one with the quote, ‘Starting of my Sunday morning like this #coffee #lovemylife #Sundayvibes #lovethewinter’. So typical and so true.


You realise most people leave all they’re work for the weekend until the Sunday and when it gets to Sunday you’re so lazy and tired and you get all the excuses not to do it. You put on some rap music, dance around in the kitchen while rapping to Nicki Minaj.

It gets late and you still have work to do and you have to eat and shower and get things ready for the next day, all those things before you get to bed too late and not even the alarm gets you out of bed the next morning. You shower while still singing to rap music with the shampoo bottle as a microphone and the bathroom steamed up. Later you don’t feel like dinner anymore so you just eat a yoghurt or fruit and stare at all the work you have to do for an hour before you actually start.


This is what I would imagine a typical Sunday would be for a woman, or maybe man too.


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A new start

A time machine is what I need right now, to take me to the good days in my life like maybe my Namibia outreach or Outeniqua hike., or maybe into my future to my wedding day, my first-day jet skiing or my first day touching real snow. Any good day would be great. Or maybe […]